Friday, October 19, 2018


The weekend is here and I m super excited for another outdoor brunch as the weather is doing great.

Last Saturday went to review place with friends in Deira and the views of Dubai from the old place were just wow with a cool breeze.

Talking about the weather, every day when I pass by the Dubai canal bridge I just enjoy the morning sunrise view of Dubai skyline. on Wednesday I was ten mins early so I made a stop and the just loved it. planning to be early every day (never happening) 

loved the food at bbq delights it brings memory as we had our first dinner after shadi at bbq delights . the outlet in down town is just amazing with stunting veiws. and the had truck art all over their place which i love.

cooked once only this week which I m not proud of at all but worked out all 7 days wohoo. 

my plant from spoon and glaze is growing.

untill next time

keep smiling

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Friday, October 12, 2018


I am starting this new series on the blog where I take you to look at my week in pictures and a few words to cherish and be grateful for some fun moments the moments.
hope to continue (fingers crossed)

some really really big meal @riso but honestly loved the interiors as much as the food.

Wen to hola with @muneer for a vlog which will never come out coz...( yeh Raaz ko raaz rehne do) and that mango with chaat masala OMG. straight out of the internet’s viral videos. goin back to have only this. It's priced ar 30 Aed? what do you think?  too expensive for a fancy mango. 

My old rainbow lace shoes were dead so I got a new pair from giftvillage (Totally love them) I feel I should stock on them. saved the laces for future (never happening) DIY

I cooked at least 4 times this week and worked out 6 times Yay, honestly feeling so content and happy about my achievement. Also, I was invited to try some authentic Parsi food at kebab bistro and just loved daal ghost chawal called dhansak from almost home cooked from the couple who owns the place. loved the energy and passion from the couple who own kebab bistro.

until next weekend 
keep smiling

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Friday, June 1, 2018

We are moving

we are Moving. we have been delaying moving fir a long time, and we had been reasoning! finance, hassle, do we really need a bigger place ? lazy and scared of being an adult to make a big decision!
This year’s summer plans included paris! ahh the city of love, the city i have always dreamt of goin. we look at the ticked budgeted every thing any booked an appointment for visa.  but its almost June and we had to make a decision . ! are we moving ? or dragging another year ! rents have gone down! we would like a bigger place. we can share the joy of out home with family and friends! we definitely need parking and less traffic so lets talk about ideal location! ahh jumeirah, close to the beach, close to work, close to heart ! may be one day! near jumeirah . Bur dubai. we started looking at a few place and Ramadan timing let us explore more finally we found a place and it just touched the heart! not because it was big or had burjkhalifa views but because it gave a homie vibe, i could imagine the our movie night, food a experiments? where to sit after a little fight situation! how to make it cozy! it just clicked. they ask me a-lot of the time! how do u know its right for you! and i always say you'll know! 
you will only when u get that feeling. 
so let finalize ? 
but what about the other expense! new furniture? Deposit! home appliances, moving hassles. it was time to be an adult and decide and let goo paris!
This little sacrifice never felt so good! Was it easy ! nah 
(for erum: you asked me once that sometime finances can be a genuine issue and couple have right to fight and argue abt it and i told u it depends on how they collectively sort of the ways to manage manage! if u know me traveling and going to paris was as important to me as paying a child fees! but we decided! and agreed on common ground and survived! was it easy ! NO) 

bottom line i can sleep anytime any day hardly have sleepless nights(alhumdulliah) 
new home has made us so exited that we have been having sleepless nights ! 3am home conversation are absolute pure magic.

Cnt wait to welcome you all to out little crib and make new  memories 

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Lost in my own city - Heritage Village Dubai

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Monday, December 12, 2016


There are a few weeks is new year which means i basically can eat whatever until i make the resolution of eating homemade healthy food. facebook ads are evil they show you biryani and u fall into the trap. I found out about Gulabo like that and i was craving for bun kabab. 
Gulabo was actually a really small place with almost no seating so we were moved to billo icecream where we could sit after ordering. we ordered bunkabab, daal chawal and briyani and every thing was so yum and its making me hungry as i type this

while we waited at billo we read all the funny truck art quotes, took selfies in the mirror , judged other customers and sang GULABOOoo zara itar gira doo (in my mind)

finished the biryani, yummy till the last bite. we had to save out daal chawal for takeaway because everyone at Billo Ice cream was having this yummy falooda and they said it on the wall "world's best falooda is served here", so we had to get it obviously. it was nice, BTW these homemade type daal chawal were just for AED 7 really. i think you should visit this place sometime mid week for snacks or dinner. show some love, follow them on facebook HERE 

also had karak chai. a perfect meal and happy tummy.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016


traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

So i always wanted to go to Maldives since forever little dd i know that one day suddenly we will book the tickets and fly on same night. Not anything was in offer, cheap or free just but just becuase travel bee stung us hard. Maldives is visa free for Pakistani passport so u can actually a make sudden plan. 

we booked in Halumale city a beach hotel vista beach retreat. It was small with only like 12 rooms or less. but it was opposite beach and budget friendly so perrrfectzzz. BTW u can also stay in resort which is on island. we wanted exploring adventure type holiday so we choose this,
Beach Opp. our hotel 
Day 1: we  decided on snorkeling and dolphin watching. i was a not really sure about snorkeling bcoz sharks will eat me but i still gave it a try. we reached on little private sand bay in a speed boat.
with no one around just us and the boat guy. so he trained us a little bit and then took us in deeper sea but after watching one fish i was terrified and i backed out hahaha no regrets. then we went on for dolphin watching but no luck no dolphins just dark deep blue see around. speed boat was fun though.

It gets dark early in Maldives we ate at a desi restaurant Bombay Darbar near our hotel and just snoozed

day 2: we decide to go on an paradises island and enjoy the luxury resort life. it was beyond beautiful and u can fall in love  immediately.

 we stayed on the beach all day, skin tanned, ate alot of food and chilled on this swing 
after that we decide on going for night fishing and on aur way to fishing spot we saw dolphinssss yay.
life complete
  we caught only 1 fish and then we came back to our hotel and they cooked it for us.

later that night we went out to same desi place for falooda. 

day 3: was we just wanted to chill at beach but we decide to go on a ferry from Halumale to male city to explore the male life. its a small little tinny city of 4 km full of bikes. little resturants and cut sovenier shops 
 i just stayed on the beach until the airport taxi came to pick us up and left for airport in flip flops forcefully by hubby coz i didn't want to leave

 had to say bye to this beautiful sunset.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

First day of kindergarten

summer break is over and school is back. first day at school should be fun and welcoming.
kids achieve different milestone during the year to mark the first day we created a little photo prop

first i just googled this first day of kindergaten picture and printed that in A3, stuck it on form board and voila 
To make it a little extra i added the unwanted sad little color pencils

 have wonderful learning year y'all 

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Monday, May 16, 2016


 I saw this really mouthwatering desert in my  news feed and i was like where is this place Parkers. I need to go have it NOW i looked up for Parkers and didn't find much as it was supposedly a secret restaurant exclusive to key holders. Okay so now where do i get they key ? i found out through my research that they post clue everyday on social media to know the key locations and i was a instant follower perfect marketing! the latest clue was to get the key from a guy in mall with tshirt saying i have thekey so Friday morning  we were at the mall and looked for the guy whose has key and is running around the mall. well that was the clue. we didn't find that guy so we have to negotiate and made a deal that if we post a picture of their restaurant on Instagram they will give the key and let us in. so we it.. Any thing for that dessert baby.

we posted above picture to get in  and we got the KEY. yay

i m a recycle junkie and the recyclable rainbow milk box was my favt

About our order
we ordered lotus drama and it was soo good .FULL STOP. it is same flavor as softie from SALT. btw SALT , sWITCH and Parkers they are sister brands owned by same person. our server was Muhammad and he was really kind. we asked him if we should get two deserts ? and he was total honest saying one is enough this guy deserves a raise(y) High five bro. we also ordered Lemon chicken pasta and it was perfect for me, well i love any kind of past, sorry no picture coz i stuffed my face quickly with that pasta

in the end we went to the guy to return the key but he said we get to keep the key for next time
(Yay) so i m goin there again today with my friends hopefully(y)

Zomato don't have their menu. but i will go today and post one for You guys mean while u enjoy a little video from snap chat (snapchat name :nonyism) of caramel falling and freezing on lotus drama


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Saturday, January 30, 2016

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Alphabet Art

Q is for Queen

 H is for horse
T is for tiger 

D is for donut 
S is for snake 

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